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    See What The Happy Mommies Have To Say About Miyue !

    Ms Tan

    " I made the right decision choosing Miyue as my confinement centre. Now that my baby is a few months older, I feel confident as I started out well. The nurses here took care of all my needs, initially I had some issue breast-feeding but the head nurse helped me lactate and showed me the right method to feed my new-born. I could sleep and rest well too with peace of mind which I was very grateful for. "


    " I had a difficult delivery and was needing some time to recover and recuperate. I chose the Miyue confinement centre as I liked the way the rooms looked and the overall setting it felt like home and most importantly it offered traditional Chinese post-delivery food for healing and rejuvenation. I also felt very reassured as there was a TCM doctor on hand to consult with and help me get my strength and energy back as well as give me confidence with my first child. "

    Angela Wong

    " I appreciate how kind the nurses and care-givers at Miyue are because my husband came to stay with me and there was always someone who we could refer to for advice/help with the baby. I find the rooms really comfortable and luxurious and the food is delicious too. I feel the staff is committed to their work because each person takes a special interest in you and your needs to make sure you are comfortable. I also like the post natal activities and talks which I found useful and helpful. I found the post natal massages to be very soothing as well and made a big impact on my overall health and recovery from childbirth. "

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